Pressure Reducing Valve

(VDPRV Series)

Application ─────────────────────────────

• Pressure reducing valve is applied with high pressure reduction in the water and steam sampling system
• The sampling system is required with chemical analysis of water and steam samples

Features ─────────────────────────────

• Precision flow control
• Smooth handle operating
• Accuracy pressure reducing
• Panel mounting possibility
• Pressure reducer is rod-in-tube type
• Stainless steel tapered rod

Technical Data ────────────────────────────

Working Pressure 5,000 psig
Temperature Range 122 to 300°F ( 50 to 149°C)
Pressure Reducing Range 5 TO 5,000 psig
Flow Range 150 to 4,000 ml/min.
End Connection Tube end O.D 1/4″ x Thickness 0.065″
Soket Weld 1/4″ tube
37 flare 1/4″
Union elbow 1/4″

Materials of Construction ──────────────────────

No. Description Material Remark
1 Body ASTM A479/A276 TYPE316 Wetted part
2 Bonnet ASTM A479/A276 TYPE316 Wetted part
3 Stem Screw ASTM A479/A276 TYPE316 Wetted part
4 Stem ASTM A479/A276 TYPE316 Wetted part
5 Stem Bearing PEEK Wetted part
6 Stem Seal Stainless Steel with TFE Wetted part
7 Gland Brass
8 Union Nut ASTM A479/A276 TYPE316 Wetted part
9 Bonnet Nut ASTM A479/A276 TYPE316
10 Handle Nylon with Brass insert
11 Set Screw Stainless Steel
12 Panel Nut ASTM A479/A276 TYPE316
13 Bending Tube ASTM A479/A276 TYPE316 Wetted part

Dimension ──────────────────────

Part No End Connection
VDPRV-4T-S  Tube Plain 1/4″
VDPRV-SW4T-S  Socket Weld 1/4″
VDPRVK4TS  37° Flare 1/4″
VDPRV-DL-4T-S  Union Elbow 1/4″

Panel Mounting & Lubrication ──────────────────────

No Lubrication
a Silicon-based
b Hydrocarbon-based

Cleaning ────────────────

Every pressure reducing valve is cleaned and packaged in accordance with the requirements of our cleaning standard of DC-01.

Factory Test ────────────────

Every pressure reducing valve is factory tested for pressure reducing.
This test is to find out whether the pressure of outlet is adjustable by 28 psig(2kg/cm2), 43 psig(3kg/cm2) and 71 psig(5kg/cm2) when the inlet pressure comes in 1850 psig(130kg/cm2).

Safe Valve Selection ────────────────

The selection of a valve for any application or system design must be considered to ensure safe performance.
Valve function, valve rating, material compatibility, proper installation, operation and maintenance remain the sole responsibility of the system of the system designer and the user.
Dk Tech accepts no liability for any improper selection, installation, operation or maintenance.

Replacement Parts  ──────────────────────

No Part (EA) Description Ordering No
5 Stem Bearing (2) Stem Seal VDPRV-SSRVDPRV-SSR
6 Stem Seal (1) Replacement Part
Description Ordering No
Handle and stem Road Assembly VDPRVHSRA
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