Sampling Cooler

(DKSPC Series)

Application ─────────────────────

• For boiler water, steam, or condensate sampling
• Stainless steel body and coil tube to minimize corrosion
• Counter current flow for efficient cooling

Features ─────────────────────────────

• Single or double spiral coil tube
• All stainless steel materials
• Non-asbestos gasket endured high temperature sampling
• Cooling inlet and outlet connections are available

Operation ────────────────────────────

It is important that there must be flowing before opening the inlet of sample valve.
The below condition shall be followed for safe operation and accurate sampling.
1) Open the inlet valve of coolant and check whether it comes out through the outlet or not.
2) To get the coolant sample, the flow rate should be adjusted while the inlet valve is being opened slowly.
Generally, 25 °C should be perfect.
3) The coolant should be flowed for a while before you receive the sample on the container.
By doing this you can get the exact sample for the analysis.
4) When you have enough sample firstly close the inlet valve and then, close the inlet valve of coolant.
5) After close the inlet sample valve, the coolant will be possible to drop of connector while the sample in the coil is being drained.

Material of Construction ──────────────────────

No. Component Material
1 Outer Pipe ASTM A312 TP316 or equivalent
2 Inner Pipe(2) ASTM A312 TP316 or equivalent
3 Single/Double Coil Tube ASTM A213 / A269 TP316
4 Gasket Non Asbestos
5 Flanges(3) Stainless Steel 316
6 Hex. Head Bolt(4) Stainless Steel 316

Pressure-Temperature Ratings ────────────

Part No. Tube Description Working Pressure for Cylinder Working Pressure forTube Service Flow for below Area
DKSPC-TS4T-12N8N-S Tube O.D 1/4″xT0.035″ (Single Spiral) 450psig@650F
31 bar@343°C
1,200 cc/min. 1.2 ft2
DK5PC-TD4T-12N8N-S Tube O.D 1/4″XT0.035″ (Double Spiral) 450psig@650°F
31 bar@343°C
2000 cc/min. 1.7 ft2
DKSPC-TS6T-12N12N-S Tube O.D 3/8″ XT0.049″ (Single Spiral) 450psig@650F
31 bar@343°C
172 bar@371 °C
1,800 cc/min. 24 ft2
DKSPC-TD6T-12N12N-S Tube O.D 3/8″xT0.049″ (Double Spiral) 450psig@650°F
31 bar@343°C
172 bar@371 °C
3,500 cc/min. 3.5 ft2


* All dimensions shown are for reference only and are subject to change.

Maintenance – Disassembly and Reassembly

1. Remove the hex. head bolts at upper flange. (required spanner size 3/8″)
and separate the 니pper flange and middle flange.
2. Remove the old gasket and clean the each part by appropriate cleaning solution
3. Replace the new gasket and tighten the hex. head bolts.
4. Tighten torque are about 48 Nm for DKSPC-TS4T/DKSPC-TD4T (tube o.d 1/4″)
and 61 Nm for DKSPC-TS-6T/DKSPC-TD6T(tube o.d 3/8″)
5. After reassembly, shell test shall be performed at new gasket showing visible leak.

Spare Part Ordering – Material: Non-Asbestos

Part No Gasket Ordering No

Factory Test an d Packaging ───────────────────

Every Sampling Cooler is factory tested with nitrogen gas at working pressure for cylinder


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